Hospital Stories (Spilled Coffee #1)

Over the course of several months, I've made quite a few trips to the ER. And after you've been there so many times, you become rather familiar with the place. I actually hate hospitals--Especially the smell. Getting poked at, the nurses who can't find a decent vein so they literally end up fishing fifteen minutes... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Queen (fantasy short

There's one Kingdom, consisting of the longest living kings and queens in the land. It is due because an elf fell in love with a human, thus passing on the ability to live many centuries to their children. But only one child was born each time. So when they married and birthed a child, the... Continue Reading →

Enemies of Winter

The fog stormed over us with snow as we rushed through the woods of the Wetlands. My leather boots fought against the muddy terrain as the rest of my men trailed behind by only a thin hair. "This fog shall not have us." I declared under my breath as we pressed on up a steep... Continue Reading →

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